About Easy Graphics Now


About Easy Graphics Now

Hello, I'm Janine and this is Cosmo. She's a female with a male name, yep, she's gender neutral, and so are our designs.

I've been designing graphics for over 20 years (northcornerdesign.com) and Cosmo has been producing graphics for a few years. Her focus is strongly tied to the squirrel activity in the garden, but that's a small price to pay for her general speed and productivity.

As long as I strictly enforce the ban on squirrel graphics

, it's a very fruitful partnership.

I hate homophobia, racism and general intolerance, my graphics reflect that. Cosmo hates flies. Her graphics do not reflect that. We both wanted to create SVG files for those of you looking for something current and original. Our designs are unique, available to use commercially (just buy a license), and really affordable.

We have Coronavirus SVG's, Outdoor inspired SVG's (Cosmo's favorite), LGBTQ+ and others. 

Sometimes Cosmo models her favorite graphics, but mostly she's just busy working to keep you in fresh designs (well, we both are).

Enjoy our graphics, and hit us up if you have any non squirrel based ideas. Email at easygraphicsnow@gmail.com.